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The emphasis of Torah classes or introduction to Judaism online always seems like it is all about religion and culture. Do you think taking the lessons will open up your mind to more?

What is the broader meaning of Torah classes outside of religion? How will your mind process the text? Does the information make you think more about your belief system? Torah classes emphasize religion, but they also make you think and form an opinion about politics, economics, and social development.

We offer lessons about Judaism online that inspire students to look at texts profoundly and increase their self-awareness of living with a conscious mind. There is room for all kinds of personalities in the Jewish community, so feel free to learn as much as you can and push the boundaries with creative and flexible analytical skills. Here is our conclusion on why Torah classes from STBM are great for your soul and mind.

Reasons anyone should consider online Judaism classes.

You can find multiple interpretations.

Studying the Torah involves reading through texts and finding spiritual meanings to various texts. Unlike the mainstream religions, the Jewish culture lets you form an opinion on different contexts, as long as it is in tandem with the higher power. An example is that one can interpret the snake in the creation story as an actual vessel of temptation or the human mind that dares to push boundaries and allow one to make individual decisions.

Expand your mind

Jewish people read the Torah text throughout the year, from the beginning to the end of the chapter. This form of online Jewish learning is the best way to delve into various wisdom because you get a different insight into the exact text each year. The option to find new meaning in the exact text unpacks a kind of wisdom that humbles us to know there is always something new to know and apply.

Widen your creativity

Religious texts do not make sense when you only take them for their literal meaning. The Torah is no different, so you have to use your creative mind to explain the text. We can help you understand the exceptional characters and actions of idles like Abraham, so you can find a connection on how to apply the knowledge to your life. We synchronize age-old lessons from centuries ago and tap into the rhythm of how they fit into the current world.

You can face the horrible world with more courage.

Portions of the Torah are vividly clear on how we should live life. These holy texts do not waver on some of the most critical issues affecting society today, so you never have to wonder what you need to do to live right. An example is that the book has a clear stand on LGBT controversies, which makes it easier for us to differentiate between right and wrong and confront the worldly issues that drive us to make worldly choices.

Studying the Torah with online Jewish classes is an intimate process that will take you on a complete paradigm shift. Please find more details about our classes online and contact us at 1-866-867-2488 for an individualized consultation.  

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